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Company news 5 min readDennis Awatey
Empowering Dreams; The rise of student entrepreneurs in Ghanaian Universities

Discover how student entrepreneurs in Ghanaian universities are revolutionizing the business landscape! From dorm room startups to innovative ventures, explore their journey of resilience and success. Learn how BuukMeNow is empowering these young visionaries with streamlined business management tools. Join the movement and witness the rise of tomorrow's leaders!

Company news 5 min readPeter Onisha
Revolutionizing Service Providers' Efficiency: The Power of BuukMeNow

BuukMeNow is not just a booking platform; it's a comprehensive solution for service providers aiming for operational excellence. By automating and optimizing your booking processes, securing down payments, and providing valuable insights, BuukMeNow is a partner in your journey towards success in the competitive service industry. Embrace the future of service management – embrace BuukMeNow.

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